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With an extensive background working with all ages and skill levels, Loralee has taught music lessons since 2016. As a passionate musician and performer, she is dedicated to fostering the joy, confidence and creativity that music can bring to all ages. With experience gained from working at top rated music studios in both Texas and California, Loralee has created a system to quickly get students playing and singing with confidence. Scroll through testimonials below to see what people love about lessons with Loralee!


Online lessons that will feel like you're there!


Loralee is amazing! She inspired my reluctant 10 year boy to LOVE the guitar. By speaking "his" language of music (aka video game music), my son can now play the guitar. He looked forward to seeing her every week and it was never a chore to get him to go. LOOOOOOVE Loralee.

— Jill D., Parent

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