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Born in Niles, MI, Loralee began exploring music at a young age, as part of a musical household. She enrolled in flute lessons at the age of 4, giving her solid roots in music theory and an appreciation for classical music. Her flute lessons later led her to take part in marching band and numerous musical ensembles.

Aside from her love of music, 15 years of performing and studying dance led her to discover her joy in teaching when she began to teach creative movement and ballet to young dancers. In college, she began learning guitar and writing music to match a growing passion for songwriting and acoustic folk music. Her musical pursuits led her to join a local punk band as a vocalist, and she performed with them in the surrounding area.

After graduating with a B.A. at Michigan State University, Loralee began to pursue a career as a solo musician, and released a 4 song EP “If You Were a Song”. She also began teaching and as she moved from Dallas to the San Francisco Bay area and back, she worked at two top rated local music skills where she was able to develop her skills in teaching, work with a wide range of ages in unique lesson environments and grow and learn with other teachers. 

Loralee now runs her own studio in Richardson, TX where she teaches Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice, Flute and Songwriting. She has written hundreds of songs and performs her music at local venues around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

Check out some of Loralee's music here! 

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